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 +====== Settings ======
 +<ifauth @user>​FIXME
 +Wiki - QVMi
 +\\ Inhalt: ​
 +\\ Symbole: OK - Horst
 +\\ Bildschirmfotos:​ OK - Ludger
 +\\ Formatierung:  ​
 +\\ Korrekturgelesen:​ Ok- Bernd
 +Here are described some basic settings for QVM-I, which are available via the {{:​images:​qvmi_icon_menu.png?​22}} in the start window. ​
 +|   Go to the settings ​  ​| ​  ​Settings ​  ​| ​  ​Further settings ​ |  ​
 +Under **Units** you can select different display options of the coordinate system <​key>​DDDDD</​key>​ <​key>​DDMMM</​key>​ <​key>​DDMMSS</​key>​ <​key>​UTM</​key>​ and the unit <​key>​Metrisch</​key>​ <​key>​Nautisch</​key>​ <​key>​Englisch</​key>​.
 +With a click on **GPS** you can select between energy saving functions of the iOS, you can have your position beeing centered automatically,​ you can also adjust the resolution (low/​intermediate/​high) of the active tracklog. ​
 +Under **NAVIGATION** there are three options:
 +  * Recalculate route automatically Yes/​No ​
 +  * Navigation with or without voice instructions ​
 +  * Text size of navigation displays
 +The tab **Map** has the following options:
 +  * Direction of travel at the top means the map is rotated under mouse pointer ​
 +  * With pick up adress at the cursor, the adress is searched at the cursor position
 +  * The status bar can be hidden permanently
 +  * Map tiles can be downloaded with WLAN and if the field is activated
 +Under **Map Scale** there are two options:
 +  * Set size of map tiles. Small factor results in more tiles, big factor results in less tiles
 +  * Global scaling factor for symbols and lines
 +Under **Key** are two more tabs <​key>​QMZ_Kartenschl├╝ssel</​key>​ and <​key>​easyROUTES_Portal</​key>​ which are more described at the end of the page.
 +Under **New Waypoint** there is the option to set the name scheme of new waypoints. ​
 +===== QMZ Map Key =====
 +|{{:​de:​97_qvmi:​qvmi_einstellungen_qmz.png?​200|}}| The QMZ map key is necessary for the map export from [QVC]. It is associated with the smartphone and is written encrypted in QMZ with the export of the map from version [QVC]-Version Important!!! You should keep this key at a safe place, otherwise the encrypted QMZ maps cannot be displayed on the device anymore. \\ \\ You can also select an own key! |
 +===== easyROUTES Portal =====
 +|{{:​de:​97_qvmi:​qvmi_einstellungen_er.png?​200|}}|You are a subscriber of the Motorrad- oder Tourenfahrer magazine and registered? Then you can utilize the [[http://​​motorrad-reisen/​tour-datenbank|tour data base]] in QVM-I and in the Tourenfahrer App ERM-I! Just enter your login data **permanently** into the two fields to search for tours with the function [[de:​20_overview:​50_finden|find]] from QVM. |
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