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Here are described some basic settings for QVM-I, which are available via the in the start window.

Go to the settings Settings Further settings

Under Units you can select different display options of the coordinate system DDDDD DDMMM DDMMSS UTM and the unit Metrisch Nautisch Englisch.

With a click on GPS you can select between energy saving functions of the iOS, you can have your position beeing centered automatically, you can also adjust the resolution (low/intermediate/high) of the active tracklog.

Under NAVIGATION there are three options:

  • Recalculate route automatically Yes/No
  • Navigation with or without voice instructions
  • Text size of navigation displays

The tab Map has the following options:

  • Direction of travel at the top means the map is rotated under mouse pointer
  • With pick up adress at the cursor, the adress is searched at the cursor position
  • The status bar can be hidden permanently
  • Map tiles can be downloaded with WLAN and if the field is activated

Under Map Scale there are two options:

  • Set size of map tiles. Small factor results in more tiles, big factor results in less tiles
  • Global scaling factor for symbols and lines

Under Key are two more tabs QMZ_Kartenschlüssel and EasyROUTES_Portal which are more described at the end of the page.

Under New Waypoint there is the option to set the name scheme of new waypoints.

QMZ Map Key

The QMZ map key is necessary for the map export from [QVC]. It is associated with the smartphone and is written encrypted in QMZ with the export of the map from version [QVC]-Version Important!!! You should keep this key at a safe place, otherwise the encrypted QMZ maps cannot be displayed on the device anymore.

You can also select an own key!

easyROUTES Portal

You are a subscriber of the Motorrad- oder Tourenfahrer magazine and registered? Then you can utilize the tour data base in QVM-I and in the Tourenfahrer App ERM-I! Just enter your login data permanently into the two fields to search for tours with the function find from QVM.
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