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 +====== FAQ ======
 +??? What do the symbols mean at the user interface of QVM.
 +!!! Here you find a list of all [[de:​20_overview:​start#​qvm-i_werkzeuge|symbols]],​ which are used in QVM-I.
 +??? How do I delete a data base.
 +!!! A data base is deleted with a long click on it until the pop-up menu appears. There you find the entry **delete data base**. It is important to click directly on the name of the data base and NOT next to it on the blank space! ​
 +??? Is there also a Wiki for easyROUTES.
 +!!! There is no extra Wiki for eaysROUTES, because both Apps are identical. ERM-I is marketed from R. Nitschke-Verlag and QVM-I from QuoVadis Software GmbH.
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