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 +Wiki - QVMi
 +\\ Inhalt: ​
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 +====== Search (find) Adresses and POIs ======
 +The tab **find** is available via the start page. Here you can search online for adresses, POIs and tours or you can search locally for elements in the data bases. ​
 +The three search options have the following in common:__\\
 +If you found the desired entry, click on it. Then you will have the following options: ​
 +| {{:​images:​qvmi_icon_find_info.png?​nolink&​30|}} | View the infos on the waypoint and save it in the active data base, if necessary. | 
 +| {{:​images:​qvmi_icon_find_show.png?​nolink&​30|}} | Display the object in the map. However, the displayed map segment will not be changed. As long as a waypoint is displayed black, it is only temporary and not saved in a data base.  | 
 +| {{:​images:​qvmi_icon_find_navigation.png?​nolink&​30|}} | Navigate to this waypoint, see [[70_navigation_und_routing|Navigation]] | 
 +===== Adress =====
 +<wrap qvcomment round>​For this search an internet connection is required</​wrap>​
 +|{{:​de:​97_qvmi:​qvmi_find_adress.png?​200|}}| Here you can define a search request in the OpenStreetMap data.\\ \\ You can search either adresses or institutions (e.g. Restaurants,​ Banks...) or search locations according to their type or name. You can localize where the search is to be conducted (worldwide, around the position, around the map cursor).\\ ​ \\ <wrap qvveryimportant round>An incomplete search or a search with place holders is not possible.</​wrap>​ \\ \\ <WRAP qvhelp 75% round>
 +Please note, that the house numbers are not yet collected area-wide.\\ If you would like to help to improve the data material of OSM, you can find under [[http://​​wiki/​DE:​Map_Making_Overview|instructions in the Wiki of OpenStreetMap]].</​WRAP>​ | 
 +Examples for well and less well search requests: ​
 +^ Search ^ Result ^ 
 +| any adress requst in this manner:\\ Street house number, city and zip code  | should lead to a reasonable result (maybe sometimes only the street without house number) ​ | 
 +| Hairstylist (around a position or the map cursor) ​ | finds all hairstylists in the region (as long as it is registered) ​ |
 +| Hairstylist (around a position or the map cursor) ​ | finds only hairstylists,​ with the word **hairstylist** in their name.  |
 +| Bench in Rosenheim ​ | finds benches in Rosenheim ​ |
 +| Banks in Rosenheim ​ | finds banks in Rosenheim ​ |
 +| ATM in Rosenheim ​ | finds ATMs in Rosenheim (but not ATMs in banks) ​ |
 +| School (around a position or the map cursor) ​ | finds **either** everything with the word **school** in its name **or** all schools (only in case there is nothing in the region with such a name) |
 +| School in (name of the city)  | finds all schools in this city  |
 +| Schools (around a position or the map cursor) ​  | finds all schools in the region. <wrap qvhint round>​Plural helps!</​wrap> ​ |
 +| Mailbox (around a position or the map cursor) ​ | finds **either** everything with the word **mailbox** in its name **or** all mailboxes (only in case there is nothing in the region with such a name) \\ <wrap qvhint round>​Here the Plural is not helpful!</​wrap> ​  |
 +| Mailbox in (name of the city)  | finds all mailboxes in this city  |
 +| Olympia tower  | finds the olympia tower in munich ​ |
 +| Theresienstreet,​ Munich ​ | finds in Munich and surroundings all Theresienstreets and all objects ( train stations, shops...) which can be found in this street. It also finds everything with the word Theresienstreet in its name   |
 +| Theresien, Munich ​ | finds everything with the single word Theresien in its name, but not Theresienwiese for example ​  |
 +| Theresienwiese,​ Munich ​ | finds the Theresienwiese and also stations with this name  |
 +| Theresienw, Munich ​ | finds nothing ​ |
 +| Theresienw*,​ Munich ​ | finds nothing ​ |
 +| Kirchdorf am Inn  | finds 4 places ​ |
 +| Kirchdorf am Inn, Germany ​ | finds only the two places in Germany ​ |
 +Further information about the practically applied search is available at [[http://​​wiki/​DE:​Nominatim|OSM]].
 +===== Data Bases =====
 +|{{:​de:​97_qvmi:​qvmi_find_datenbank.png?​200|}}| Here you search for elements in the local [[de:​20_overview:​45_datenbanken|Data bases]].\\ Targets are elements to which it was already [[70_navigation_und_routing|operated]] (the targets are determined automatically and they cannot be removed.)\\ [[45_datenbanken#​favoriten|Favorites]] are elements in those data bases you marked with stars. \\ Leave the search field empty, thus all favorite elements are found. |
 +===== POIs/Tours =====
 +<wrap qvcomment round>​For this search an internet connection is required.</​wrap>​
 +|{{:​de:​97_qvmi:​qvmi_find_pois.png?​200|}}| Here you search for POIs or tours in different portals. \\ You can localize via <​key>​...</​key>​ where the search is to be conducted (around the position, around the map cursor). You can also determine the search radius via [[75_finden#​suche_nach_einer_schluessel-wert-kombination|search options]] in the menu.\\ \\ You can search for POIs in the OpenStreetMap data, you can search for tracks in GPSies or in the easyROUTES tour data base ((for this purpose an account at Motorrad- oder Tourenfahrer is necessary)). | 
 +==== Search for POIs ====
 +With the selection of <​key>​OSM_Pois</​key>​ you search for POIs ((Points of Interest)) in the data of OpenStreetMap.
 +<WRAP qvveryimportant 75% round>
 +In this search large and lower case must be considered (in contrast to the search for adresses).\\ It is searched for substrings and [[http://​​wiki/​Regul%C3%A4rer_Ausdruck|regular expressions]].</​WRAP>​
 +=== Search for a predefined key ===
 +You select one of the predefined categories and click on <​key>​search</​key>​.\\
 +You can narrow your search by entering a name or a part of a name into the search field. You can also use regular expressions (see [[#​suche_nach_einer_schluessel-wert-kombination|Search for a key value combination]]).
 +=== Search for a name ===
 +Here you can search for a name of an object regardless of the type. \\
 +You select as a categorie <​key>​NameKey_Value</​key>​ (last entry in the categorie list) and enter a name or a part of a name into the search field. You can also use reglar expressions. (see [[#​suche_nach_einer_schluessel-wert-kombination|search for a key value combination]]).
 +=== Search for a Key Value Combination ===
 +<wrap qvveryimportant round>​This komplex and heavy search is only recommended for experts.</​wrap>​\\ ​
 +<wrap qvcomment round>It requires a good knowledge of the [[http://​​wiki/​DE:​Tags|Attributes of OSM]].</​wrap>​
 +You select as categorie <​key>​Key_Value</​key>​ and enter your quest into the search field. \\ 
 +The format is in the simplest case key ((a utilized key of OSM)) operator ((e.g. = or ~)) value.\\
 +Further information on the utilized API is available at [[http://​​wiki/​Overpass_API/​Language_Guide|OSM]].
 +Operators and their meaning:
 +^ Operator ​ ^ Meaning ​ ^
 +| =  | is equal to  |
 +| !=  | is unequal to  |
 +| ~  | value is contained ​  |
 +| !~  | value is not contained ​  |
 +| ] [ | for separating of two conditions ​ | 
 +| No operator, only one key  | key is existing ​  |
 +<wrap qvhint round>I rather use ~ than =, thus elements with multiple answer are also found (e.g. amenity=restaurant;​ cafe).</​wrap>​
 +With ~ or !~ you can use regular expressions (list not completed):
 +^ Signs  ^ Meaning ​ ^
 +| %%^%%  | beginning of the field  |
 +| $  | end of the field  |
 +| .  | exactly one sign  |
 +| *  | any number of the previous sign  |
 +| [abc] | a letter of the batch  |
 +| %%|%%  | or  |
 +Some examples for a search:
 +^ search string ​ ^ Result ​ ^
 +| amenity~cafe ​ | All Cafes  |
 +| amenity ~ '​cafe%%|%%fast_food' ​ | All Cafes or fast food chains ​ |
 +| cuisine~chin ​  | Everything with chinese cuisine ​ |
 +| cuisine] [cuisine!~chin ​  | Everything (also Bistros or similar) with information on cuisine, but not chinese ​ |
 +| amenity~restaurant][cuisine!~chin ​  | Restaurants,​ but no chinese, also without information on cuisine ​ |
 +| website ​ | All objects with a website in OSM (Warning, many results!) ​ |
 +| website] [name~'​%%^%%...$' ​ | All objects with a website in OSM , which names contain out of three signs  |
 +| place] [name~dorf ​ | All places, which names contain the word Dorf  |
 +| highway] [name~'​[ABC].*g$' ​ | All streets and roads, which names start with an A, B or C and end with a G. |
 +<WRAP qvhelp 75% round>
 +Small and capital letters have to be considered! For both, key and value:\\
 +Name~sch nothing will be found, name~sch but this works.\\
 +name~dorfst nothing will be found, name~Dorfst this works </​WRAP>​
 +==== Search for Tracks in GPSies ====
 +With the selection of <​key>​GPSies</​key>​ you can search for tracks in GPSies. You can narrow the search for a category and/or a name. \\
 +As soon as the desired list with the found tracks is displayed, click on the {{:​images:​qvmi_icon_find_info.png?​nolink&​22|}} symbol to access the exact discription of the tracks.\\
 +Save the track at first in the active data base with a click on the {{:​images:​qvmi_icon_find_save.png?​nolink&​22|}} symbol. Now switch to the DB and let the track be displayed in the map. \\
 +<WRAP qvimportant 75% round>
 +For displaying the track in the map, or rather for calculating the route, you always have to go to the DB! Only here you can start the calculation of the route and let the track be displayed in the map. \\ \\
 +This is because the track has to be downloaded from the internet once. 
 +|  Seach Track in GPSies ​ |  Display via Info  |  Save in active DB  |  View in map  |
 +==== Search in easyROUTES Tour Data Base ====
 +If you have an account at Motorrad- oder Tourenfahrer,​ you can search in the **tour data base** for stored tours and use them in QVM. In advance you should register your login information at [[de:​20_overview:​80_einstellungen#​easyroutes-portal|Settings -> easyROUTES-Portal]]!
 +In the different options, please select your prefered region or category. A list appears. You can get informations on the tour, view the tour in the map or calculate the route. Just click on the button <​key>​Route_Options</​key>​.
 +===== Legend of the Find Tools =====
 +|< 100% 48px - >|
 +|  {{:​images:​qvmi_icon_find_adress.png?​62}} ​      | Search for adress |
 +|  {{:​images:​qvmi_icon_find_db.png?​62}} ​      | Search in a data base |
 +|  {{:​images:​qvmi_icon_find_pois.png?​62}} ​      | Search online at **easyROUTES**,​ **OSM_Pois",​ "​GPSies** or **GeoNamesOrg** for POIs or tours |
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