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QVM-I Introduction

(QuoVadis Mobile for iOS)

QuoVadis Mobile is your all-inclusive-App when it comes to navigation, GPS and maps.

On-and-off-road, by foot, by bike or by car, you can take it everywhere you go and it is easy to handle.

Tracking allows live-broadcasting and presentation of current locations.


  • Search quickly for addresses and then be guided turn-by-turn with clearly spoken instructions
  • On the fastest or shortest route, by car or by foot
  • Worldwide
  • Internet connection required


  • Direction and distance to the target or along a route
  • The covered distance is displayed on the map and stored
  • Navigation along a track


  • Share your location with others, follow locations of others on your map
  • Just perfect in a group, when you want to know where other group members are
  • Display of SPOT-Messages
  • Internet connection required
  • Send E-Mails with your current location


  • Online-Maps, e.g. OSM, GoogleSat, BingTraffic, OpenWeather etc., expandable
  • Export any maps from QuoVadis 7.1

Data Administration

  • Administration in databases
  • Clear presentation even of large data volumes
  • Efficient Search-Function, Favorites
  • Find tracks online at EasyRoutes1), GPSies und OSM-POIs
  • Exchange data easily between all Apps of the QV/QVM-Family
  • Per E-Mail, Cloud or FTP
  • DropBox-Support and Wifi-FTP included

And much more

  • Create new routes on the way, record tracks and save new WP’s
  • Info field for additional descriptions and web links
  • Import and Export of data by GPX format
  • Coordinates in Wgs84 Lat-Lon or UTM
  • Weather forecast for the current location and any point on the map
  • Compass rose
  • Times on the sun and the moon, twilight

You can download QuoVadis Mobile at the IOS App-Store.
Notice: Permanent usage of the GPS in the background may drastically reduce battery runtime

QuoVadis Mobile IOS is compatible with all iPhones and iPads with iOS 8.0 or newer versions.

For this purpose an account at “Motorrad-oder Tourenfahrer” is necessary
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